The Mitel SX Range can only be configured in first party configuration. In order to work optimally the Tapi driver needs to update and inform Power Dialer on the progress of a call. If Something Goes Wrong However, if the modem is daisy-chained with a handset, the device will certainly not work very well. Information on the Meridian Communications Adapter can be found on their website at http:

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You will, however, need to check that bsoch IVR system and the Tapi driver provided by the telephone system manufacturer is capable of passing this data. The dialing devices marked with “tested” were tested only for the respective version and configuration.

FAQs on CTi, Tapi Link, Power Dialer and Call Recorder for GoldMine

Information on the Tone Commander device can be found on their website at bozch The Hi-Phone Desktop is a ibtegral telephony device that can be connected to a standard analog telephone line and provide support for Power Dialer, Tapi Link and Call Recorder without the need for further hardware.

You can screen pop a transferred call with first party and third party though the delivery of the CallerID information under all situations is a function of the Tapi driver supplied by the telephone system manufacturer and may vary according to call origination. Using The Handsfree Mode Frequently asked Questions about our Products and Solutions. First Party Tapi also has the advantage that should the hardware fail, only one workstation will be affected.


Menu Items On The Display In first party configuration, a device called a CTM Computer Telephony Module is attached to the telephone extension line of the user. The products communicate with any properly installed telephony driver TSP on the computer in the same way that a word processing application communicates with a printer driver.

Store All Callers talk List In addition to the device, an appropriate user license needs to be purchased. As soon as the call is terminated, the next call in the list is automatically dialed – until the end of the list is reached.

Bosch Integral TM13 Manuals

tapu A predictive dialer is a server based dialer system that is designed for groups of users making calls of the same nature to large quantities of prospects. If there is no answer it drops the call and dials the next. In first party configuration, a product called the IP Softphone is installed on the workstation in “Telephone Configuration”.

In first party configuration, a device called a Data Adaptor is attached to the Optiset E handset. The power dialer creates calls at the workstation and waits for the outcome of the dial.

List of available TAPI-drivers

How To Use This Manual The Siemens HiCom telephone systems can be configured in both first party configuration and third party configuration. Table Of Contents If you wish to change this, please contact technical support. The call control capability is distributed to the workstations using the CT Connect Tapi software which is installed on the workstations.


A printer can be connected to the serial port, parallel port or USB port, it can be attached to a print queue on a server, direct over IP, via a JetDirect card etc. If your telephone system maintainer is untegral knowledgeable in this technology, please contact us for assistance. Consequently quite a considerable number of powerful features and productivity benefits are completely lost.

If the modem has a microphone and speaker port for attachment of a headset then there is a good chance that the device will work to a certain extent with Power Dialer. Our products support all versions of Tapi driver from Tapi 1.

The Comdial telephone systems can be configured in both first party configuration and third party configuration. Please contact us for telephone system compatibility information.

Several Calls Simultaneously Putting Your Telephone Into Operation This physical connection carries information about the status of ALL the telephony tapl connected to the telephone system. CallerID needs to be sent from the local telephone company to you.