Vf working voltage of a LED drops when the chip gets hotter, therefore you see a current increase. Time to start putting together the low-side driver board with the CATs. Next step is to wire up leads from the CATs to the appropriate connectors. According to the CAT datasheet, that should set the current limiter to constantly sink current right around 1 amp. Make sure the solder only touches the adjacent pins, and no other:.

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Time to start putting together the low-side driver board with the CATs.

CAT LED Driver, 1 A Constant Current with PWM

First, the RJ Ethernet jack on its breakout board:. Flip the board over, and position the capacitor leads like this:. I approach this by inserting the connector into the board, flipping it upside down, placing it on the soldering work area, and taping it down:.

Breakout board to the rescue. The RSET graph above shows the current going as high as 1. Am I doing my math right?

Controller software, calibration, and acquisition. Since these were already shorted together when you installed the capacitors, you only need to solder the wire to cat410 1. I think it’s only visible if you have a Google account.

CAT4101: LED Driver, 1 A Constant Current with PWM

If not, reheat the solder connection and twist the connector to make it flush with the board. I use an alligator clip to hold the CAT on the breakout board while soldering the first one or two connections:.


I have vat4101 into a couple of problems. It never gets up to an amp.

CAT LED Driver with High Power LEDs

Low Dropout mV at 1 A. Then bend the beeper ground pin over to make contact with the wire lead. Double-check all the wires you see here to make sure your board has a corresponding connection. Licensee agrees that it shall not issue any press releases containing, nor advertise, reference, reproduce, use or display, ON Semiconductor’s name or any ON Semiconductor trademark without ON Semiconductor’s express prior written consent in each instance; provided, however, that Licensee may indicate that the Licensee Product is interoperable with ON Semiconductor Products in product documentation and collateral material for the Licensee Product.

Unlike previous connections, where you want the connector to be flush with the board, for this connection you want the RJ jack to tilt until the black knobs on the bottom touch the board:. The 5K variable resistor is there to let you adjust the current to a specified value. I guess what I am asking is does voltage dropout effect the available voltage in everything in the entire circuit or just the LED that is being synced?

Parts And Tools 3.

Log into MyON to proceed. I’m working on a high power LED flashlight project. I do see what you mean by the math you spelled out in terms of how to get parts that work better together so I am finally unblocked in terms of moving on to plan B.

New Drivers  EPSON AL-M2300 DRIVER

BOM, Gerber, user manual, schematic, test procedures, etc. Any provision of this Agreement which is held to be invalid or unenforceable by a court in any jurisdiction shall, as to such jurisdiction, be severed from this Agreement and ineffective to the extent of such invalidity or unenforceability without invalidating the remaining portions hereof or affecting the validity or enforceability of such provision in any other jurisdiction.

This one looks like a good candidate: This lead me down a long learning path and I finally realized the importance of thermal design! Download it from Adobe.

Next step is to wire up the USB control pin and beeper pin from the connector at upper left to the appropriate positions. The LED has a Vf of 3. Is there a much easier way to accomplish what I am trying to do? If you agree to this Agreement on behalf of a company, you represent and warrant that you have authority to bind such company to this Agreement, and your agreement to these terms will be regarded as the agreement of such company.

Try not to put any sideways pressure on the chips relative to the boards, as the leads can bend.