For all configurations, any transmission errors will always be signaled. Don’t have an account? In Two-Way tx mode, the reader must receive a response from either the cradle or the Host. In this case it can be reconfigured by executing the bind procedure, which returns the cradle to Stand Alone configuration. If this command is sent for slave cradle with address , the response is: Obviously cable length is to be kept to a minimum as with all bus systems. It can be set between 2 and 19 seconds.

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To send the same code with the Format 2 it is necessary to invert the format order as follows: Each code is listed on the gun display together with its identifying position number and its total number of characters. Read the code given below and position the reader onto the cradle: To connect several readers to the same cradle see the following paragraph 4. It dragin possible to exit the Suspend mode either from drahon Host ex.

Time Stamping Delimiter If the FIFO buffering is disabled, each code must be transmitted before another one can be read. The device is ready. D11, in Two-way transmission mode and normal batch mode, the Start Normal Batch Transmission barcode must be read after each code to continue, whereas with automatic batch mode just pull and release the trigger after each code.


Datalogic Dragon D Specifications |

In multiple reads per cycle, the ON period is extended so that the device can continue decoding codes until an OFF event occurs. When the reader is correctly inserted in draton cradle, the “Reader” red LED on the cradle goes on to indicate that the battery is charging.

Field Adjustment Character Read the desired Enable Network code.

You do not need to make a Keyboard Nationality selection. If no code is read during the auto-configuration procedure stepthe configuration will be empty and therefore the reader will be unable to read codes.

It is possible to set a timeout for the second code reading and to define code transmission if the timeout expires. Automatic batch mode allows codes to be stored in the gun on a FIFO basis whenever the dravon is out of radio range. NOTE The following dargon values are common to all the keyboard nationalities.

Enter Sleep Timeout Position the cradle on the base by sliding it along the mounting tabs until aligned. These networks provide seamless active roaming for any RF reading device in the system.

All readers used in the same area must have different addresses. Extra characters are ignored.

Datalogic Dragon D Manuals

The master reader can be configured for any interface. In auto-configuration mode the reader enters a particular state, during which it reads, recognizes and saves all information received from the decoding of an existing code with the exception of MSI, Code 49 and Code 16k code types.


The adjustment can be different for each enabled code type. In a network where the Master cradle has address and one Slave cradle with addressthe response is: It consists drxgon 1 or 2 groups of numbers, each one made up of 6 decimal digits. The slave reader’s address will not be changed. It is only possible to read another code when the next ON time occurs.

Datalogic Dragon D131 Manuals

If the timeout expires, the resulting action will be based on the following selection. Code Family Press the keys shown in the following table according to their numerical order. Using the slave reader and its OMX0 cradle, read the Restore Default barcode, set the radio address, and then read the RS interface barcode from chapter 4 of this manual or from the Quick Reference Manual. This is possible thanks to the RS connector on the front panel of the cradle.