Now because Ensoniq was purchased by Creative, there are two drivers floating around! This mode allowed fast, direct access to the system’s entire RAM without requiring a memory manager or memory protection mechanism. This card doesn’t have a Yamaha OPL chip. This was a smart cost saving measure! Playing movies that are all 48 KHz gets you out of pitch audio.

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Retrieved from ” https: Playing movies that are all 48 KHz gets you out esomic pitch audio. Resampling means lower sound quality, worse synchronization and possibly higher CPU utilization. My website with reviews, demos, drivers, tutorials and more Whereas the Soundscape line had been made up primarily of low-volume high-end products full of features, the AudioPCI was designed to be a very simple, low-cost product to appeal to system OEMs and thus hopefully sell in mass quantities.

Therefore, it was practical to configure DOS games to utilize esoinc General MIDI synthesizer and digital sound effects, whenever possible, for better sound quality.

AudioPCI, while designed to be cheap, is still quite functional. I’m actually quite attached to the MIDI sound of it An oddity is that the rear channel was connected to the same output jack as line input.


ECW file specification and a custom waveset. These were just rebranded by Creative for the cards they sold based on these chips. With many though not all gravitating to external midi devices e.

It definitely has issues with some games and EMM is a nasty caveat.

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It is the only member of the family that can play without resampling and this is both a plus and a caveat depending on what you want to play. It’ll take a bit though since I need to reinstall Windows esoonic that thing. Each was done with 2, 4 and 8MB soundfont.

I did two recordings. Space Quest 5 doesn’t start with Sound Blaster enabled.

Ensoniq AudioPCI

So with these games just select Soundscape. A neat thing about it is that the Aureal cards have a wavetable header and it does work in DOS.

Makes it sound very dry, like the regular Soundscape card. The chip was capable of spatializing all audio automatically, but still required DirectSound3D usage for specific localization of sounds.

drivers/pci/ – pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/ralf/linux – Git at Google

The board consists only of a very small software-driven audio chip one of the following: It is SBPro-capable for digital sound but has no bit choice. I have tested and upladed both drivers. It’s too barebones and it has PCI issues sometimes. The 4-speaker mode is only activated by software supporting the DirectSound3D quadraphonic mode. Towards the end of the s, Ensoniq was struggling financially. I notice however you guys are talking about it topping off at 22Khz which is strange to me because it certainly seems like my AudioPCI was clearer and probably at a full 44Khz it sounds closer to the linked Soundscape Elite recordings thread.


The sound still comes out though the speaker out port on the AudioPCI. I would also add that another drawback is the need for EMM to be loaded in order for the sound card to work in DOS, which prevents some older games from running e.

In comparison to the wide variety of chips on and sheer size of the older Soundscape boards, the highly integrated two chip design of the AudioPCI is an obvious shift in design philosophy.

Then I got a Live! They seem to operate at It is a highly integrated card. Their cards were very popular with PC OEMsbut their costs were too high and their musical instrument division was fading in revenue. Back to Square One.