This mini device helps you to easily connect to any Bluetooth enabled device without any wire. This device is not supported by Car or TV stereo system it is only supported with any windows operating system. The adapter is compatible with both 32 and bit Windows from XP through Windows This is the smallest 4. Bluetooth profile support, and most Bluetooth operations, are managed with software like BlueZ and Pulseaudio , which have varying degrees of functionality depending on which version of these libraries are installed, and the Linux kernel needed for different versions of those software components.

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Look at the surveys below. Clicking on the icon allows you to add devices or show the devices already connected within Windows Settings. Just like a smartphone or tablet, Windows searches for Bluetooth devices nearby that you can connect to the PC. Click For Linux Driver Installation.

If Bluetooth is not adapyer on, touch it to turn it on. This a Bluetooth Class 2 device. This amazing device can be used for many other purposes than Bluetooth connectivity. Its performance is very impressive with zero complains just plug and play it.

If you are not getting that range and there are no obstructions, there is likely a problem of radio interference. Here and there you have to introduce a driver in the event that you utilize a more seasoned adaptation of a working framework. Some devices have specific compatibility concerns, please see supported Bluetooth profiles and the FAQ section particularly with regards to game controllers and audio devices.


So you associate PC remotely with a Bluetooth console, mouse, printer, PDA, mobile phone, headset, introduction gadget and substantially more. The advanced audio processing is exclusive for Bluetooth 4.

Medialink USB Bluetooth Adapter – Version 4.0

Things being wiindows they are, let us not squander additional time beating around the transport, and come to the heart of the matter, should we? Beyond that, there is very little to point out. If yes, then we have the best solution for you. Keyboards, headsets and other devices.

These devices are evaluated on the following main features. It has a range of about 30 feet so you can share your files, you can stream audio, you can take print out and you can also have the video chat with this small Bluetooth adapter because it gives you the freedom to connect via Bluetooth technology within a range of 30 feet. It gives you the best performance in all means.

It has a slim and small design which makes you unable to attach any extra USB or device to another port because its slim design does not block the space for another USB. These dongles or adapters allows you a wireless connectivity. Linux profile support is provided through BlueZ and Pulseaudio. Test it by playing a Youtube video through your internet browser. Learn how your comment data is processed. All of which connected flawlessly and began to work without hesitation.


It consumes very bluetloth energy from your PC or laptop and hence it is safe to remain to attach to the PC while it is not in use. Moreover, it is completely qualified Bluetooth 4. You can also use a Plugable active USB extension cable to move your adapter closer to the receiving device. And becoming popular day by day.

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Make sure your Bluetooth headphones, headset, or speaker is connected. Poorly shielded USB 3. For more Plugable Bluetooth products, please see https: A device that wants to be seen by other devices broadcasts a special radio signal that bluuetooth it visible to any medialijk Bluetooth device nearby.

Bluetooth adapter frequently alludes to a little USB thumb drive with a Bluetooth chip which adds Bluetooth capacity to the computer have no worked in Bluetooth.

It can be used to work hardware and in addition trade documents.