It doesn’t remember your user settings for any game. I love the video. I was absolutely appauled with it’s behaviour but have decided that after last time I sent it backto Vodafone and tehy kept my spare battery that I shoudl wait and upgrade it-this is what I am in the process of doing now. Reviewed by Waddy from England on 18th Dec Brilliant phone in every aspect. Can I use my Samsung phone or tablet while it’s charging? Could never get infrared to work with another phone.

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It does stil on the plus side can take video which is decent. It is so simple to work out and the camera quality is great, especially with the flash: No results for Manuals ” “.

Samsung E710

No problems with it whatsoever! Email We’ll respond within 24 hours of your request. The video quality is realy good. The downside to the e though is its durability – like others on here have mentioned mines developed banding on its screen how much longer it will last I don’t know and the rubber covers over the power and headphone ports have disintegrated. Reviewed by des from N.


Samsung E review | S21

For unlock Samsung E following options are available. Hmm, I wonder, since appearantly a lot of people experienced exactly the same problems. The colours on the interface consist of: Call charges are subject to change and this information is provided as a reference only.

Any help would be great. I bought this a long time ago but god knows how i’ve put up with it. Reviewed by Saksung from England on 12th Sep This phone is a wate of money. People seem to get confused between the e and e, Well they look the same.

Hope they have addesses the build quality samssung with the E The ariel is great and the screen and camera are both very high resolution. Reviewed by desi fly chic from uk on 6th Nov its a gud enuf fone i like most of its features but it doesnt hav ne folders, blu tooth n cant ever be on total silent without vibration alert.

Screen isnt the best quality, the camera is OK xamsung the definaition of the pictures isnt very clear, my last older Samsung was much better.

I cant wait until I can get my free upgrade. If it feel like the one i own now i’ll just wait for a better model.


It doesn’t remember your user settings for any game. No results for Downloads ” “.

Other than that its a great fone Rating: Just need to fugure out a way to get rid of the Vodafone Live modifications Doorstep mobile screen repairs at your location The Samsung mobile workshops will come to you to fix your phone or tablet screen at your doorstep in selected locations across the country.

Newest Newest Most Views. On the plus xamsung, it is small and has no ariel to brake in your pocket. Do not get thhis phone on Vodafone! For new and existing orders: If this phone did not have a camera feature, i would have kept my older phone!

Samsung E / E review

Can’t wait to upgrade to Motorola V3 or V! How do I find my model number? One thing that samskng makes this fone abit disappointing is the short battery life.