With the new drives, before the firmware upgrade, Prodisc was only 1x, and 4x Taiyo Yuden was only 2x. After this speed it will not increase anymore. Also this dvd writer has the original firmware Now let’s use other utilities to get more information on the drive; for example, Nero Infotool, which tells what formats and disc types the drive supports: For consumers interested in updating their existing desktop computers, the SD-R drive is also available as an upgrade kit, which includes all the tools drive, software, cables and media needed for the “do-it-yourself” installation. But be careful when placing other devices close to it as they can burn.

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Samsung Releases New Flash Laptop.

It’s a rare case when we’ve got a chance to look inside an original solution instead of multiple clones. Do not buy cheap media like princo or other brand. You can enlarge the photo by clicking on it but please be patient while it’s loading.

People are posting that they are having problems with Memorex but that is the media I am using at 4X. CD Reading Tests 3. Post your DVD Media comments here. We used various discs, high-quality and low-quality ones.


We also tested the drive’s ability to burn cyanine discs at the minimal speed as this mode is often used by audiophiles to ensure high record quality. Just you have to change the firmware for the russian one X by lenni.

Toshiba SD-R5112 Computer Hardware User Manual

Its very good as far as memeorex 4x media burns in 13min. Comments posted by blueking from United States, September 20, The DVD-R media was recorded without problems, the drive detected and burnt various models.

All tests were done with firmware revision v Comments posted by Roger from United States, January 21, Comments posted by gordy from United States, February 20, Then you can use the Windows updater. This is a great DVD writer. After updating to s-r5112 are 4x.

Toshiba SD-R DVD-R/RW Drive Review

Lines and paragraphs break automatically. All these would only write at 1x. Comments sd-r55112 by Siva from United States, September 01, Follow this link to product page, and firmware update should be on the right.

I’ve had good burns with ProDiscs, still bringing the speed up to verify results. Will sr-r5112 you to burn at 4x on this media, the max intended speed for this burner. Summary The drive has much in common with the previous solution. OBS Studio screen recording and streaming guid But Dd-r5112 did as stated above, and 4x burning is now no problem with Firmware Well, Toshiba’s new model can be a good choice for home and office usage due to its low price and good characteristics.

New Drivers  HZ194 DRIVER

Toshiba SD-R |

I use Prodisc,fuji and ritek those are the best quality DVD-r at 4x. Now with the firmware upgrade it burns no problem to 4X. Writes well with the right software. The number of the trade marks were lift up to 4, 2 of each type, to provide more information of how the drive treats discs of different trade marks.

Recording on the Toshiba SD-R Mirex 48x, phthalocyanine We also tested the drive’s ability to burn cyanine discs at the minimal speed as this mode is often used by audiophiles to ensure high record quality.

The outcome may depend on whether the drive favors a given disc, but we can obtain some general data anyway.

It works, but it only burns at 1.